Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has explained why she’s told Tommy Fury not to propose to her just yet.

In a candid Q&A on her YouTube channel, the influencer pointed out that she’s “too young” to think about settling down just yet, but can definitely see herself walking down the aisle with Tommy when they’re both older.

“Tommy would literally propose to me tomorrow if I would let him but I keep saying to him, ‘No, let’s just wait, let’s just wait,’ because I’m too young,” she said. “And [my sister would] go mad, just because we’re too young.

“It will happen one day, it’s something we can look forward to together, so I just wanna leave it for another day. But [marriage and kids] are two things that will happen soon, hopefully. But, when I say soon I don’t mean next week!”

In the same YouTube video, Molly-Mae admitted that she went on the ITV2 show as a “business” move: “Yeah I guess it kind of was a business move,” she said, winking at the camera.

“I went on there not really bothered if I found love or not, I found love… When you’re not looking for something you find it. Out of all the girls, I was really chilled like: ‘If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, either way it’ll be a fun experience’.”

Her relationship with Tommy has gone from strength to strength since leaving the villa, which proves that true love always turns up when you least expect it.

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