YouTuber David Dobrik is known for being very generous with his friends but has now extended this generosity to help a homeless man who happened to be a huge fan of his vlogs.

In his latest video “BEST FRIEND CONFESSES FEELINGS FOR ME!!”, the 23-year-old decided to do something life-changing and totally selfless for a man who waved at the car he and his Vlog Squad were driving past in.

The man, called John, told the group that he’d been on the streets for three years and had recently had his car stolen. The conversation then turned to Chipotle, with John revealing that he’d never actually eaten at the chain restaurant. 

In classic David Dobrik style, he decided to take John for his first ever Chipotle meal and then revealed that he’d been gifted a year’s worth supply of free burritos. But the good news didn’t end there.

As he filmed John receiving some bags of new clothes, David asked: “Do you want us to help you with them and put them in your new car?” while handing John the key to a Chrysler minivan parked further down the road. 

It’s safe to say John wasn’t expecting this: “I’m about to have a heart attack, please don’t kid with me,” he said. “Are you kidding me? I’m shaking right now, are you serious? Holy sh*t this is literally everything that I needed,

Take a look at the video above to have your faith in humanity restored.

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