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Leaker claims to have seen “Apple Glass” AR glasses, details how they’ll work

We can recycle the "Glasshole" insult — YouTuber claims he's seen a prototype video of the device, and has a list of details. Ron Amadeo - May 19, 2020 4:13 pm UTC It seems inevitable that Apple will someday release a set of AR glasses, and today we have a set of rumors from YouTuber Jon…

Microsoft’s Build keynote showcases the accessibility and awkwardness of online events

“We’re living through extraordinary times,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opened his Build 2020 keynote on a somber note. It was an odd tonal shift following the event introduction by hosts Seth Juarez and Dona Sarkar. The pair spent kicked the 48 hour livestream off standing a CDC-approved social distance from one another behind a large…